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I strongly disagree with G4techTV's (Comcast) actions regarding the cable show Call For Help. Call For Help was and still is (in canada) a show that helps people who dont know alot about computers.

Call For Help was a show that aired exclusively on TechTV (now G4techTV), a television channel which focused on technology. It premiered on May 11, 1998 with Leo Laporte as the host. Chris Pirillo became host for a time; as well as producer Becky Worley (before Chris). In 2003, Laporte returned as host (then, though no longer, the host of The Screen Savers, also on TechTV). Call for Help was not carried over in the G4/TechTV merger and was canceled in 2004. Call for Help 2.0 debuted August 16, 2004 on G4techTV Canada. Call for Help also featured Catherine Schwartz, Roger Chang, and others.

Contact Comcast (to ask that G4techTV put 'Call For Help' back on their cable channel in the USA - by filling out the entire Investor Relations Form listed in the link below)[edit]

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